Making Networks and Connected Devices Intelligent

Introducing Nigel™

Nigel™ is the first technology that observes, learns and understands what it learns such that Nigel can provide information to devices. This information allows devices to act more intelligent and provide superior user experience. Nigel is so good at what he does that we call it Human-Like Intelligence because it is the first technology capable of artificial understanding.

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Nigel’s primary purpose is to understand individual users and their intent and to provide this intelligence to automation apps, personal assistant apps, launchers & Custom ROMs and HTML5 apps. With this intelligence devices can exhibit artificial awareness and intelligence resulting in superior user experience.

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To realize a world of intelligent networks bringing intelligence to every connected device, Kimera Systems actively seeks partners. The number of devices connected by this intelligent network will eventually be in the billions.  As we advance our technology and our go-to-market strategy,  various partners will include investors, app developers of every stripe and network operators. Learn more>>>


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