Cognitive Computing Meets
the internet of things

Kimera Systems has built to first artificial intelligence technology with the
ability to comprehend what it is learning. Connected devices with human-level
intelligence is poised to transform our planet

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When human-like intelligence is weaved into the fabric of
the global network, everything changes

We envision a future were every electronic device is connected to the global network. Human-like artificial intelligence is weaved into the fabric of this global network, empowering every device, app and content with the ability to understand and comprehend the world from each user’s perspective. As we enter this Post-PC era, we are already seeing an explosive growth of digital content and software making it practically impossible for a single person to be aware of the vast selection of content and apps available.

The devices and apps of the future will truly embrace the human-centric computing paradigm. Everything will focus on the needs and goals of people, without forgetting who their maker are. Devices and networks of the future will understand what value they bring and what revenue is being produced allowing them to bring “home” their fair share.

In the future, built in network intelligence will obsolete the need for aggregators like app stores, social networks, commerce platforms, advertising networks and the like. Thanks to the human-like intelligence, lean and efficient value chains will be created in real-time to maximize profits for mission-critical entities.

The restaurant visit

Imagine arriving at a restaurant and have your smartphone understand that you’re there to meet clients for a business dinner. Your device will automatically find and invoke a restaurant application that displays a personalized menu. Armed with situational intelligence, the app would acquire new code to display quick bios on your clients, let you know they are running 10 minutes late and make sure the device remains silent for the duration of the dinner meeting.

HTML5 + Artificial Intelligence

HTML5 apps that find their own users and adapts
by reprogramming themselves to best assist people

Nigel enables the network to understand what a user’s intent is and automatically delivers apps to their devices. It doesn’t matter if the user is aware of your app or not. Nigel represents the most effective distribution model for HTML5 apps.

No single application can meet the exact need of any individual user. Nigel enables disparate apps to collaborate and share code. The results are apps that go beyond their original programming to better assist the user in achieving their everyday goals.

Devices & Networks

Intelligent devices do not need over-the-top providers

Intelligent devices and networks completely bypass middleman aggregation services like app stores and social networks, opening the opportunity for device manufacturers and network operators to regain control of branding and customer relationships.

By bypassing the middlemen, intelligent devices and networks can reroute over $1 TRILLION to device manufacturers and network operators. This represents the largest revenue growth opportunity since the emergence of the Internet.

Nigel is designed to allow device manufacturers and network operators to decide where they want to integrate the technology. Nigel can be integrated on the app level for quick go-to-market strategy or deeper into the OS and network for full brand and revenue control.

Don’t wait for developers to catch up. We will work with you to develop initial use-cases to drive consumer and developer interest. Limit a use-case to a mobile phone or combine multiple connected devices, including wearables, to create innovative solutions.

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Nigel is the world’s first human-like artificial intelligence technology

We believe people should own their own data. Future economics should not be built around owning and controlling your customers data. Nigel relies on personal clouds. We envision a world where all connected devices owned by an individual are connected to their personal cloud instead of a corporate server farm. Nigel personal clouds are open source and can be hosted anywhere on the global network.

Nigel consists of three parts: A device component incorporated into any type of connected device, Personal Clouds that can be hosted anywhere on the global network and a Cognition Engine that can be hosted by any public or corporate network operator. The effective result is intelligence being weaved into the fabric of the global network. No single entity or middleman can assert control over the value chain.

Nigel is based on our Space-Time Expansion (STE) algorithm. The STE algorithm uses disparate sensor data to create a spatial and temporal model of the world which is then used to create as many possible predictions of the future. This allows the system to understand the most ideal path forward and then invokes the right devices and apps to ensure the best possible user-experience.


The STE algorithm is based on our own “Subnet Modeling” technique which allows learned knowledge to be encoded in such a way it can be reused in different ways. The algorithm, based on over 10 years of research, is the first AI technology that understands and comprehends what it learns.

The network-residing Intelligence Engine includes an accounting system that monitors how value chains are built and how much revenue they generates. 100% of this revenue is shared between device manufacturer, network operator and software developer.

How much is a connected fridge worth?

A connected fridge in a family of four can generate over $14,000 in revenue in an average fridge lifespan.

Can you imagine how much a general purpose device like mobile phones or wearables could generate?

About Kimera Systems

Kimera Systems works with global device manufacturers and network operators to
transform technology and the global economy

Kimera Systems provides technology components to device manufacturers and network operators to bring intelligent device behavior to end-users and massively increase device and network profitability. Based on almost a decade of research, Kimera Systems’ artificial intelligence technology is a breakthrough in artificial general intelligence technology.

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The Kimera Systems team consist of experienced individuals in entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and business.

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